Price list

The fees for OB packages for 3rd trimester transfers are as follows:

For Obstetrical Doctor fees (Includes Antepartum, Delivery, and 2 postpartum visits)
Vaginal Delivery: $2,600 (fee includes first ultrasound and routine labs below) uncomplicated.

Cesarean Delivery fee is $2,800 (fee includes first ultrasound and routine labs below)uncomplicated
Follow-up ultrasounds/additional fetus: $150/$100
Additional pp visits after 2nd office visit: $100
Additional delivery fee for High-risk pregnancies: $400 -$800
Examples include but are not limited to the management of Twins (2 or 3 babies), Diabetes, Chronic Hypertension, placenta
problems.   (This one-time fee also includes applicable ultrasounds as required per condition) 
Circumcision: Performed by a Pediatrician of your choice from $300-$500
Note:  Labs/ additional services are separate.  Required labs to reduce your lab fee will be: 
Blood type and screen, CBC, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Syphilis screen/VDRL, Rubella titer,
Glucose screen for Diabetes, HIV screen (repeated at 35+ weeks), Group B streptococcus (done
at 36+ weeks), pap smear, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea screen.

Other important information:
1. To Establish OB care
a. When you arrive, call us to set up the first appointment and establish OB care at

2. If you wish to be accepted as a transfer patient prior to your departure from your
native country a pre-registration fee of $300 (Nonrefundable) or $600 for twins will be required. 
a. In this case please email a letter of transfer written by your current doctor. 
This will include a copy of current medical records and a copy of the photo
page of your national passport/visa. 
b. We will release the formal letter of acceptance or travel document to you
for the establishment of care via email

To start this process please send an email to


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